Stops flies spreading viruses 

DIE FLY is the latest in proven professional fly control.

  • ENJOY THE SUMMER and AUTUMN without the annoyance of flies and other flying insects. Your DIE FLY Trap lures flies in large quantities without the use of chemicals or noisy, messy electronic bug zappers. ( that really do not work very well with house flies)

  • EASY TO USE - Simply hang the trap in the sun and let it attract flies with baits that we recommend.

  • CHILD AND ANIMAL-FRIENDLY - This fly control is safe to use around the home, around the pool, outside of restaurants and NEAR livestock barns AND HORSE YARDS 

  • DURABLE - Lightweight, sun-resistant wire and plastic mesh, our DIE-FLY fly trap can be used outdoors FROM May to December. Your DIE-FLY comes in the post flat packed and hangs from a hook in direct sunlight.

  • DIE-FLY is particularly effective from July through to October when flies are most prevalent and the sunshine strong.
The REUSABLE FLY TRAP - will serve your family, farm or business for many years.

Protect your family and neighbours from houseflies and coronavirus  ORDER HERE

Apart from Flies being a terrible pest in the warmer months, they have been clinically proven to transmit viruses including coronavirus.

Most people thoroughly dislike using chemicals like Piff Paff in their home, its a never ending battle isn't it?

DIE-FLY is a system of catching flies outside before they even come into your home, yard or business.

It actually decoys flies away from your building and catches them secretly and silently when the sun shines.

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